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Senior Life Insurance Settlement: Helping Seniors Overcome Cash Crunch

Senior citizens are allowed to sell off their life insurance policies during their lifetime and before their life insurance policies mature and such an act of selling off their existing life insurance policies is known as senior life insurance settlement. It differs greatly from viatical life insurance settlements because senior life insurance settlement does not offer to the policyholder the ability to get death benefits prematurely on account of illnesses such as AIDS, cancer etc. and when the life expectancy of the senior citizen is no more than a matter of few days.

Sixty-Five Years Of Age

With senior life insurance settlement, a senior that has attained sixty-five years of age and who is in need of liquidity has a very simple and effective remedy. In most cases, senior life insurance settlement means getting more cash than would be possible if they were to surrender their life insurance policies with the insurance company. The amount received will certainly come in handy for the senior to discharge debts or purchase a home or even spend it the way that they see fit.

Senior life insurance settlement can only be done by a senior citizen that has already attained the age of sixty-five and who is suffering from certain health related problems or who is seventy-five years or more and has health problems. The different forms of life insurance such as variable life insurance, whole life insurance, term life insurance as well as joint survivorship are all eligible for senior life insurance settlement.

One constraint in regard to eligibility of making senior life insurance settlement is that the life insurance policy must have a minimum face value of at least two hundred and fifty thousand. Most life insurance companies will be willing to purchase senior citizen life insurance policies and will do the necessary paperwork on behalf of the senior citizens to help them change ownership of their life insurance policies.

The reasons for giving up one’s life insurance policy can be different including not being able to afford further payment of premiums or because of need to get urgent medical treatment.

Upon completion of all documentation required to affect the senior life insurance settlement the premiums will start being paid by the settlement company and the senior citizen will also receive their entire policy amount on the date of maturity or when the previous policyholder dies; whichever event occurs first.