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Locating Lost Life Insurance Policy

Lost Life Insurance Policy Dilemma

One of the biggest troubles faced by an individual is misplacing or complaining of lost life insurance policy. This becomes more troublesome, when a family member dies, and no record is kept of the life insurance, which becomes more difficult to comprehend.

There are many agencies and services, which offer solutions to help and locate the lost insurance life policy, but before you go down this route, you have to know some of the basic details to recover it. The first thing is to find out if the deceased family member had any life insurance.

It would be easier to locate the lost life insurance policy if we know which company had issued the life policy, was this sold via a broker, or the insurance might have been done through his employer, or any other group.

Tips to locate lost policy

One of the simplest ways to start searching is to explore the bank deposits, files, and other confidential documents to see if you can find any information with respect to the lost life insurance policy. The other way is to look at the address book and see if any insurance company or broker is listed in the same.

The other way is to scrutinize the bank statements, to see if the premium has been paid via checks or any other means to identify the lost life insurance policy. The bank records are usually the best source to identify different kinds of transactions.

Monitor the mails for a period of one year to see if you can locate any premium reminders or any other correspondence, which can lead to providing any further information on the lost life insurance policy.

Check with the previous employers or colleagues who can share information that can help locate the lost life insurance policy.

Since life insurance premium provides rebates on income tax, check the previous filing of income tax, which could help to provide any input on the lost life insurance policy.

Reporting lost life insurance policy

There are agencies like the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) that provides serviced to locate the lost life insurance policy through its network which is accessible at their website.

There are state controlled offices which keep record of unclaimed money on lost life insurance policy that can also help to track any such related claims.

A database is maintained at MIB, who keeps track of all individual application for life insurance for past 12 years. There is a nominal fee of $75 per search, to help you locate your lost life insurance policy. But it is important to realize that this amount charged is for single search and not all the searches are successful.

Sleep Apnea Surgery Options

Sleep apnea is caused by narrowed or blocked airways in your nose, throat or mouth. This problem can be mild or severe depending upon how often you stop breathing in an hour’s time. Sleep apnea means that you stop breathing for 10 or more seconds while sleeping.

When you are awake, the large adenoids, tonsils or uvula do not cause any problem. But when you lie down during night, they press down against your airway and thus causing sleep apnea.

Treatments for sleep apnea

Some lifestyle changes can be helpful in treating sleep apnea. They include sleeping on your side rather than your back, quit smoking and drinking, raising your head while sleeping, losing weight and using oral breathing device. It is also helpful to treat the breathing problems as soon as you can.

If nothing else works, you need to talk to your doctor. You doctor may suggest sleep apnea surgery and various options are-

Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty involves removing excess tissue of throat and making the airway wider. This is most common sleep apnea surgery in adults.

Tonsillectomy removes the tonsils or adenoids if they are enlarged and they block your airway while sleeping. This is the first options of sleep apnea surgery for kids as enlarged adenoids and tonsils are most common cause of sleep apnea in them.

Tracheostomy involves creating a hole in the wind pipe and a tube is put in that hole to bring the air in. This sleep apnea surgery is rarely used as it may cause other health problems.

Bariatic surgery is used for extremely overweight people and if excess weight is the cause of their sleep apnea. This sleep apnea surgery is an extreme measure and is done only for the people who cannot lose weight with the help of diet control and exercise.

Other than sleep apnea surgery, it can also be treated with the help of a sleep apnea pillow. This pillow is especially designed for snorers and gives support to neck. It is like a two layered triangle and looks more like a boomerang. Its angular design is what makes it effective in treating apnea.

If you think that you or anyone in your family might be suffering from sleep apnea, do not ignore it. If left unattended, it can prove fatal and result in various complications. Sleep apnea surgery is an effective method of treating sleep apnea but make sure that you consult a qualified physician who has performed successful sleep apnea surgery on others.