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A Few Facts Related To Making Life Insurance Settlement

When an insured person undertakes selling of an active and existing life insurance policy in return for an amount of money, (usually lump sum) to another party the act is known as life insurance settlement. In case you too are also planning on selling your life insurance policy you must makes sure that the amount of money you receive is greater than the surrender value (in cash) of your policy; otherwise, it would be better to hold on to your life insurance policy – unless circumstances force you to make the settlement.

Materialize The Policy

Under normal circumstances, only upon the demise of the policyholder the life insurance policy takes effect. However, if the policyholder chooses a life insurance settlement then it is possible for them to materialize their policy’s value while they are still alive and breathing. As far as the life insurance settlement goes there are many types to choose from including the viatical life settlement and senior life settlement.

The advantage of making life insurance settlements is that they help ensure greater liquidity for the policyholder and the settlements are also ideally suited for people that have attained the age of sixty-five and beyond and who wish to cash in their policies on account of certain reasons. Sometimes, the policies may prove to be too expensive to afford; or, the policy may have become obsolete. These settlements are sometimes also referred to as senior settlements or lifetime settlements.

When planning your estate using lifetime life insurance settlement can prove to be a good option, especially if you are senior citizens who want to get rid of unwanted life insurance policies by lapsing them, canceling them or even surrendering them against a surrender value.

Another form of life insurance settlement that needs to be considered is the viatical settlement that is ideally suited for people that have developed and are suffering from terminal diseases. Such a form of life insurance settlement allows these people to use up the existing value of their life insurance policies and so, eases the financial burden that the high cost of treating their diseases may cause them.

With the practice of making life insurance settlements becoming increasingly more popular a virtual industry has been spawned and secondary and new market has grown that deals in just this aspect of life insurance.

Senior life insurance settlement is a special kind of life insurance settlement that allows senior citizens to sell their life insurance policies to someone else and allows them to avail of their death benefits prior to their life insurance policy maturing and also before they pass away.

Today, ordinary people have more freedom in being able to sell off their policies in a largely unregulated market and they are able to get maximum value for their existing life insurance policies – and often the amount they realize exceeds the life insurance policies’ surrender value in cash.