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A Few Facts About Life Insurance Settlement Loan

By selling your life insurance policy to another person or company you can get a lump sum payment and this type of transaction is referred to as life insurance settlement. Once the policy is settled the original person that owned the life insurance policy ceases to have responsibility of paying premium amounts which the new owner must then on shoulder. Once the policy matures the new owner will get the maturity benefits and not the person that sold the life insurance policy.

Raise Cash And Keep Your Policy

Rather than enter into life insurance settlement and part with your life insurance policy, owners of life insurance policies can use another option to raise cash which is to take life insurance settlement loan against the present life insurance policy. Before applying for a life insurance settlement loan it is necessary that the borrower provide good reason for borrowing funds.

The fact that you need to provide a good enough reason in order to get a life insurance settlement loan is main point of difference between this form of raising funds and entering into life insurance settlement. Once obtained, the borrower must then pay back the life insurance settlement loan over a given period of time and repayments will need to be made in monthly installments – just as is the case with any other kind of loan. The biggest advantage of taking a life insurance settlement loan is that the policyholder gets the cash they need and also gets to hold on to their life insurance policy.

It pays to therefore determine what the insurance company’s policies are in regard to getting a life insurance settlement loan. You need to check with your insurance company and if you feel you can meet the requirements you will then need to fill up an application form that will contain all your personal information as well as policy details.

Getting a life insurance settlement loan sanctioned depends on how the life insurance company assesses your application and even the amount of loan approved is a matter for the insurance company to decide. The life insurance company also will decide on the period of the loan and it will then calculate interest rate as percentage of your policy’s face value.

Selling a life insurance policy prior to the policy’s maturity date is known as life insurance settlement. There are different life insurance settlement options to consider and these types depend on the purpose for which a policyholder wants to enter into life insurance settlement.